Lil Sprouts Hatching Eggs - 3 pack

Easter Eggs - Put them in Water Overnight and Watch them Grow!! Lil' Sprouts - Watch 3 Unique Magic Pets Hatch from their Different Colored Eggs- Easter Egg Hunts & Easter Baskets with Lil' Sprouts are Much More Exciting! Eggs Really Hatch! DIRECTIONS: Place Egg in Water and within 1 Day Egg will Crack and Begin to Hatch. Over the Next Few Days, a Baby Pet will Begin to Hatch Out. For this set you will receive one Chick, one Easter Bunny Rabbit & One Duck. Place Eggs in water. Within 1-2 Days your egg will begin to crack. Each day, change the water. The Easter Pet will continue to grow out of its egg shell. Animal will keep growing up to 5-10x its size eventually if you leave it in the water. When the pet hatches, rinse the pet off as it will be slippery, and either play with it or add it to your collection, or place it back in clean water and watch it continue to grow each day.

Product Features

  • One Chick, One Easter Bunny Rabbit & One Duck Per Order
  • Egg Cracks and Birth Begins in 24 Hrs - Continues to Grow in Water
  • Keep Them in Water & Watch Them Grow Bigger!
  • Perfect for Easter Egg Hunts or Easter Baskets
  • After a Couple Days You can Help Them Hatch or Let Them Hatch on Their Own

Item Specifications

  • 10016
  • 856522005159
  • 7.2 ounces

Case Specifications

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