Emoji Pong Balls - 6 Pack

Made out of Top Material; Can be Used for Beer Pong or Table Tennis. Individually Packaged for Stores in 6 Pack Clam Shell Packaging. Each Order Comes with 1 Clam Shell Equaling 6 Table Tennis Balls or 6 Beer Pong Balls. Inspired by Ping Pong Balls.

Product Features

  • Emoji Beer Pong Balls; Table Tennis Balls, 6-Pack
  • Perfect for Playing Table Tennis or Beer Pong
  • (6-Pack) Clam Shell; 6 Designs; 1 of Each Emoji Ball
  • Yellow Beer Pong Balls With Fun Smiley Faces
  • Perfect Regulation Weight & Size For Serious Table Tennis Play

Item Specifications

  • 10087
  • 856522005937

Case Specifications

  • Not specified
  • Not specified

Packaging Information