Pretend Food Deluxe - 120pc Set

120 Healthy Play Food Pieces Included In Pretend Food Set/ Pretend Food Items Are As Follows: Apple Juice, Asparagus (2), Baked Beans, Banana (2), Broccoli, Brown Ice Cream Scoop, Carrot (2), Cauliflower, Chicken Leg (2), Chicken Noodle Soup, Chocolate Donut, Chocolate Milk Carton (Organic), Cracker (2), Crinkle Cut Fries (10), Croissant (2), Cucumber, Cupcake Mix, Dark Chocolate Bar, Ear of Corn (2), Eggplant, French Bread, French Fries Box (2), Fried Egg (2), Grape Juice (Organic), Green Apple, Green Bell Pepper Slice (2), Green Chili Pepper, Green Grapes, Hamburger Bun Top, Hamburger Bun Bottom, Hamburger Patty, Hot Dog (4), Hot Dog Bun (2), Ketchup Bottle, Lemon, Lettuce, Lettuce Leaf (3), Lime, Macaroni & Cheese, Maple Syrup, Milk Chocolate Bar, Mushrooms (2), Mustard Bottle, Orange Juice (Organic), Orange Slice (2), Pea Pods, Peaches, Pear, Piece of Pie (2), Pineapple Slice (2), Pink Ice Cream Scoop, Pizza Slice (3), Potato, Potato Chips (10), Purple Grapes, Red Bell Pepper, Red Apple, Red Hot Chili Pepper, Strawberry (2), Strawberry Donut, Sugar Cone (3), Sweet Corn (Organic), Swiss Cheese Slice, Tomato Slice, Twist Loaf of Bread, Waffle Mix, Waffle With Butter, Watermelon Slice (2), White Egg (2), White Ice Cream Swirl, White Milk Carton (Organic 2% Low Fat), Whole Chicken & Whole Tomato All Miniature Food Items In The Set Cover The 4 Major Food Groups But Also Certain Fast Food Items To Give Children Education in Food. Pretend Play Toys Will Not Only Entertain Your Kids But Also Educate Them About Food, Food Stand Items, Grocery Stand, the Grocery Store & Organic Foods & Labels. Educational As To What Food Items Go In A Grocery Cart; Perfect Grocery Cart Toy Items & Perfect To Go Along With Grocery Cart Kids Toys. Perfect for Kids Grocery Basket Toys & A Grocery Shopping Cart. Grocery Store Kids Items Are The Most Popular For Parents To Entertain & Educate Kids For Hours Upon Hours. Perfect Grocery Store Toy, Grocery Store Playset & Educational Toy.

Product Features

  • Play Food Items Are 1.5"- 4" Depending On Item Within The Pretend Food Set; 120 Food Or Play Groceries
  • Warning: Small Parts - Do Not Eat And Do Not Give Toy Food To Children Under 3 Years Old
  • 120 Individual Play and Pretend Food Items Per Box - Fabulous Toy Food Set; 120 Play Groceries
  • Canned & Box Foods & Beverages Listed As "Organic" To Teach Children Health
  • Items In Play Food Set Made Are Made Of Plastic - Perfect Toy for Girls & Boys

Item Specifications

  • 10076
  • 856522005562
  • 16.6 x 10.9 x 3.7 inches
  • 2 pounds

Case Specifications

  • 24.02"x16.93"x 22.64"
  • 25.5 lbs

Packaging Information